What is a Tuple, a Pairs and a Tie in C++

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What are Tuples?

In C++ language, the classes work as user defined data types. The class contains both data and function together. Therefore, to make the data more and more organized, C++11 has introduced a new concept of tuple. Tuples give very good flexibility for creating a collection of different or same data types.

In a class, we can access a data member or function using its name. However, in a tuple we use get<index> helper function for the same. Undoubtedly, in Object Oriented programming, the Tuple concept provides much more power for creating and handling multiple user defined data.

Header file required


How to define tuple data type

std::tuple<int,int> t1 (5,5); // t1 tuple holding 2 int values std::tuple<int,char,float>t2(5,'a',34.3); // t2 tuple holding int, char and float values std::tuple<char,string,float>t3('a',"MainFunda".23.80); // t3 tuple holding char, string and float

Basic Example of tuple in C++

Lets us create a Sample application for seeing how to set and get data from tuples

#include <iostream> //Main header file #include <string> // for string #include <tuple> //for tuple using namespace std; int main() { std::tuple<int, float, char,std::string> t1 (5,23.8,'a',"MainFunda"); //created tuple holding 4 data values int iData = std::get < 0 > (t1); // get 1st int value float fData= std::get < 1 > (t1); // get 2nd float value char cData = std::get<2>(t1); // get 3rd char vaue std::string strData = std::get < 3 > (t1); // get 3rd char value cout <<"Int is "<< iData <<"\nFloat is "<<fData <<"\nChar is "<<cData <<"\nString is "<<strData <<endl; return 0; }

As seen above getting data from a tuple object is very easy . We just need to call get<index-1> for knowing the content of data from tuple.

output of code using a tuple in c++

Error scenario with invalid get<index>

Lets see one more application where we are calling get<index-1> with invalid index

#include <iostream> //Main header file #include <string> // for string #include <tuple> //for tuple using namespace std; int main() { std::tuple<int, float, char,std::string> t1 (5,23.8,'a',"MainFunda"); //created tuple holding 4 data values int iData = std::get < 5 > (t1); // get 5th (invalid) value cout <<"Int is "<< iData <<endl; return 0; }

We are getting compile time error for accessing invalid index for tuple. This is the advantage of tuple .

compiler error on using wrong index in std:;get(index) with tuples

Tuple – Helper Function

get( )

The function get( ) takes an integer index as input and returns the reference to tuple data member at that index . In turn, we can use such reference for setting a tuple data member also. Below application demonstrates this

#include <iostream> //Main header file #include <string> // for string #include <tuple> //for tuple using namespace std; int main() { std::tuple<int, float, char,std::string> t1 (5,23.8,'a',"MainFunda"); //created tuple holding 4 data values int iData = std::get < 0 > (t1); // get first data member of tuple cout <<"Int is "<< iData <<endl; std::get<0>(t1) = 30; // set first data member of tuple iData = std::get<0>(t1); cout <<"Int after modification " << iData <<endl; return 0; }


output of code demonstrating get( ) function with tuple

tuple_size( )

At any time we can get the size of tuple by using tuple_size( ) function.

#include <iostream> // main header #include <tuple> // tuple header #include<string> // string header using namespace std; int main () { std::tuple<int,char,float,std::string> t1 (1,'a',1.1,"MainFunda"); cout << "size of tuple is " <<std::tuple_size<decltype(t1)>::value << endl; // value contain the number of elements return 0; }


output of code using tuple_size( ) function

make_tuple( )

The function make_tuple( ) is used for creating a tuple from a list of elements passed in the arguments. List of elements which we are passing as argument can be of different data types.

#include <iostream> //main header #include <tuple> // for tuple using namespace std; int main() { auto t1 = std::make_tuple(1,2.4, "MainFunda"); // tuple creation cout << "The value of t1 is " << std::get<0>(t1) << ", " << std::get<1>(t1) << ", " << std::get<2>(t1) <<endl; }


output of code using make_tuple( ) function

forward_as_tuple( )

The function forward_as_tuple( ) creates a temporary tuple as r-value reference from argument passed as parameter to this function.

// forward_as_tuple example #include <iostream> // main header #include <tuple> // for tuple using namespace std; void show_Data(std::tuple<int&&, int&&> t1) { std::cout << std::get<0>(t1) << ", " << std::get<1>(t1) << endl; } int main() { show_Data (std::forward_as_tuple(30,30)); return 0; }


output of code using forward_as_tuple( ) function for forwarding a tuple in c++

tuple_cat( )

The function tuple_cat( ) concatenates two or more tuples which are passed as the arguments.

#include <iostream> //main header #include <string> // for string #include <tuple> // for tuple using namespace std; int main () { std::tuple<char,std::string> t1 ('c',"MainFunda"); std::pair<int,float> t2 (100,12.5); auto t3 = std::tuple_cat ( t1, t2 ); std::cout << "ConCat T3" <<endl ; std::cout << std::get<0>(t3) << endl; std::cout << std::get<1>(t3) << endl; std::cout << std::get<2>(t3) << endl; std::cout << std::get<3>(t3) << endl; auto t4 = std::tuple_cat(t3, std::make_tuple(" test", "begin")); std::cout << "ConCat T4" <<endl ; std::cout << std::get<0>(t4) << endl; std::cout << std::get<1>(t4) << endl; std::cout << std::get<2>(t4) << endl; std::cout << std::get<3>(t4) << endl; std::cout << std::get<4>(t4) << endl; std::cout << std::get<5>(t4) << endl; return 0; }


output of code using tuple_cat( ) function

What are Pairs in C++?

Pairs creates class template from 2 different or same datatypes . It is a specialized version of tuple with 2 elements.

Header File required for pairs

#include <utility>

Basic example of Pairs

lets see below simple example for creating and displaying the Pair content

#include <iostream> // main header #include <utility> // for pair using namespace std; int main () { std::pair <int,float> p1 (1,2); std::cout << "foo: " << p1.first << ", " << p1.second << endl; return 0; }


basic example of using std::pairs< >

Pair-Helper Functions

make_pair( )

This function creates a pair object from its first and second argument.

#include <iostream> // main header #include <utility> // for pair using namespace std; int main () { std::pair <int,float> p1 = make_pair(1,2); std::cout << "foo: " << p1.first << ", " << p1.second << endl; return 0; }


output of basic example with make_pair( ) function

What is a Tie of in C++?

We have read tuple data types above. A tie creates an L-vlaue tuple for future use. Tie is mainly used for extracting element from tuple.

Basic Example with Tie

// packing/unpacking tuples #include <iostream> // std::cout #include <tuple> // std::tuple, std::make_tuple, std::tie int main () { int i1; float f1; std::tuple<int,float> t1 = std::make_tuple (1, 22.3); // packing values into tuple std::tie (i1,f1) = t1; //unpacking tuple into variables std::cout << "1st element " << i1 << '\n'; std::cout << "2nd element: " << f1 << '\n'; //example to ignore some element std::tie (i1, std::ignore) = t1; // unpacking tuple into variables //and ignoring 2ns element std::cout << "1st element " << i1 << '\n'; return 0; }


output of code using std::tie< >

Main Funda: Tuples provides additional flexibility to play around with user-defined data types

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